Thursday, March 12, 2015

MarCH CHallenge Poems by POetry Club Members

Yesterday at Poetry Club I shared the MarCH CHallenge offered by Heidi Mordhorst at "My Juicy Little Universe."  I have a few poets who responded to the word, "pitCH" today.
From Kim Doele's Poetry Club at Wealthy Elementary School:

The first is by 3rd member, Teagan :

The batter's at home.
He taps his bat.

The pitcher's arm swings
Here comes the pitch-

It's going, it's going and
it's gone!

It's out of the park folks!

The second is by 4th grade member Eli:

Sa-Wing bada bada
The pitch is coming down the lane
The crowd is shouting, "Sa-wing bada bada."
Bathroom using, I had ta!
Suddenly the crowd went
Was this gonna get violent?
Here's the pitch,
It was so fast it could've been thrown
by a witch!
The ball connected with the bat.
In the crowd it hit somebody

The third is by 4th grade member Hania:

Pitch Perfect

You need to be
pitch perfect
You look quite ugly to me.
Look at you.  You're a mess!
Go put on your dirty dress.
Put on the heel with the flower
You look like a dressed up tower
Put on the slipper with the sun
Let's tie your hair in a bun
I'm told I am the pro master
but you look like a complete disaster

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  1. So much fun to hear from student voices. If interested I am creating a Winter Whisperings Gallery=> that will be unveiled at the end of the winter season.